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Workers studying in the Soviet Union can book a free boat ride in qilishantang

In order to implement the relevant decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial governments, take various measures to grasp the epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring, coordinate and promote the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development before and after the Spring Festival, encourage foreign workers to stay in the Soviet Union for the new year, fully guarantee the employment of enterprises, ensure the continuous and stable production, and realize the "good start" of high-quality development in the first quarter of 2021, the office of Suzhou Municipal People's government recently issued a statement "Several guiding opinions on doing a good job of stabilizing posts and benefiting enterprises during the Spring Festival" (referred to as "ten articles on stabilizing posts and benefiting enterprises").

Shantang company actively responded to and implemented the relevant policies of the superior,

In order to enrich the cultural and recreational life of the workers who stay in Jiangsu during the festival, and enhance the happiness and sense of acquisition of the new year in Jiangsu.


Qilishantang scenic spot will be opened to overseas workers in the Soviet Union for a limited time

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